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Get healthy. Get fit. Get rooted.

Oak Fitness Club | Banner Logo

Get healthy. Get fit. Get rooted.

Oak Fitness Club | Banner Logo

Get healthy. Get fit. Get rooted.

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Oak Fitness Club Membership

Lifestyle Programs

We offer a range of programs to best suit your lifestyle. Each program includes personalized nutrition, easy to follow workouts, unlimited 25 minute burn classes and access to our facilities and amenities.

Oak Fitness Club | Private Training


Training and Pilates! The body must be challenged to change and then allowed to recover. Whether you want to change the way you look and feel or simply work with a pro, our Trainers and Pilates Instructor are here to help!

Oak Fitness Club Nutrition Assessment

Personalized Nutrition

Results are 30% exercise and 70% diet! Why workout and get no results? Our cutting edge nutrition program is based on a simple evaluation process that creates a personalized program based on you!

Oak Fitness Club | Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes

Stretch and strengthen your entire body to create a physique that’s not only lean and strong, but also pain free. Pilates dramatically changes the way you look, feel and move and is ideal for everyone.

Oak Fitness Club | Burn Classes


Cutting-edge training programs that maximize your time and results. Our 25- and 55- minute burn classes balance working out (to sculpt the body) with working in (to restore and reduce stress).

Oak Fitness Club | For the Trainer

For the Instructor

Our gorgeous facility is perfect for private trainers, Pilates instructors and their clients. We have a well-equipped studio, beautiful locker rooms, convenient location and parking, and helpful staff.

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FRI 6AM-7:30PM
CLOSED July 3-4

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9346 Civic Center Drive, Ste 145
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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