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What We Offer

OakFit Group Fitness Sessions

OakFit group fitness sessions are not like other bootcamp or HIIT classes!  Weight loss, muscle tone and feel great!  Oak Fitness’s group exercise program incorporates a unique methodology that combines body weight training, metabolic calorie burning and weight training.  Our program not only produces the appearance of fitness but builds the athlete in you!

Pilates Group Reformer Sessions

Pilates group reformer sessions are a method of exercise that consists of low impact muscular strength, flexibility and endurance movements.  Oak Fitness’s pilates classes offer a guided workout that safely improve spine health, muscle tone, posture and core strength.  Our pilates classes not only aim to change your body but teach the art of movement through the practice of the Pilates Method.  


Private Lessons

A devotion to excellence, creativity and innovation.  Oak Fitness Club’s personal trainers and private Pilates instructors deliver individually tailored workouts designed to meet the distinctive need of every client.  Our program assess each clients goals, health history and needs to create a personalized plan.   

Soft Tissue Adaptive Technique

Soft Tissue Adaptive Technique is an eclectic methodology that aims to help people to move, live and feel better.  While respecting chronic injuries and pain, Soft Tissue Adaptive Technique seeks to restore function to the body.  Our strategies aim to improve health and fitness without the use of medication or invasive procedures.

Pilates Studio & Gym Rentals

Our State of the Art Pilates Studio and Fitness Facility is available for instructor rental. For more information view our trainers page. 

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