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Aaron King

Aaron King

A New England native, Aaron has been passionate about fitness since age 5. After many years of participating in hockey, baseball, football, power lifting, and track & field, he went on to study sports medicine and exercise science at Bridgewater State University. Aaron has spent his entire life committed to learning how to train and improve the body. He’s worked with a variety of clients, including NCAA athletes, teams, injured people, avid fitness enthusiasts; even the everyday person who is just getting started with a fitness lifestyle! Simply put, Aaron loves working with people and hopes to inspire you to achieve more than you thought possible. 

Nikki Cox

Nikki’s life in fitness and movement has spanned over most of her life.  Growing up in North Carolina, she began studying dance at the age of 3.  After several prestigious internships with renowned dance companies, Nikki studied and graduated with a degree in Dance and minor in business at the University of North Carolina Greensboro under John Gamble as well as completing certifications in Ashtanga Yoga and Pilates.  Nikki moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue a career in the movement arts where she quickly developed simultaneous careers performing with the world famous dance companies Diavolo, Tongue and Method Dance as well as becoming a highly sought after pilates Instructor, class Instructor and fitness pro.  In 2012 Nikki helped cofound Oak Fitness where she has grown to be an industry staple. 

LJ Mintz

Physical fitness and movement have always been a part of L.J’s life. With her strong background in dance, gymnastics, and circus arts, she has performed around the globe as a flying trapeze artist, aerialist, and modern dancer, performing with circuses such as Big Apple Circus and Cirque Du Soliel.   L.J. was first introduced to the exercise form of Pilates in 2001, and has been committed ever since. After completing her first Pilates Certification, she wanted to learn more about the body, which lead her to study Exercise Science and Health Promotion at Florida Atlantic University where she received her Bachelor Degree of Science. L.J. holds certifications with STOTT PILATES, Lents Pilates, Pilates Method Alliance, and is currently completing the Pilates Sports Center teacher training.   L.J. is eager to help others reach their fitness goals, improve their postural needs and enhance their overall wellbeing. Her teaching experience has allowed her to work with diverse populations in several different forms of movement. L.J uses her knowledge & experience, combined with her patience & enthusiasm to provide clients with fun, challenging and personalized programs.

Dana Hanlon

Having always had a love for fitness, Dana danced, rode horses and enjoyed exercise as an outlet from an early age on Martha’s Vineyard. After moving to L.A ten years ago, she followed her passion for fitness and became a NASM certified trainer. When a hamstring injury left her unable to exercise during months of rehab, Dana’s search for the safest way to get an intense workout led her to Pilates. After seeing the changes Pilates made in her own body, she became certified with Pilates Sports Center.

Dana loves to teach fun, challenging, athletic classes that focus on proper form and alignment. Her desire is to not only help people reach their fitness goals, but to help them find the mind body connection and maintain healthy strong bodies. Most of all, Dana wants every person in her class to walk out of it feeling happier than when they came in!

Greg Louise

Greg grew up in Buffalo, NY, where sports were a part of daily life from an early age. From soccer and baseball as a kid, to high school football, he switched to rowing in college. Several years and several injuries later, though, it was a chance encounter with a Pilates class that really changed things. “It revolutionized my understanding of fitness,” Greg says. “Pilates is about taking ownership of ourselves. We live in a world where so much is out of control; taking care of our bodies–making ourselves truly strong from the inside out–is something we can, and must, take control of. Pilates teaches us to do that.”

Annie Uttaro

Annie is very passionate about fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Starting at age 6, everyday after school, Annie was involved in various types of dance, ranging from ballet and jazz, to tap and hip hop. Although always disciplined and active, it wasn’t until her last year in high school, where Annie learned about fitness from a weight training perspective and incorporated various types of cardio and weight training into her daily routine. Since then, Annie has become well rounded with her fitness knowledge by becoming a certified personal trainer, certified spin instructor, and certified group fitness instructor; with continuing education in boxing, TRX, kettlebell sport, Olympic lifting and power lifting.

Annie is passionate about her training and loves to watch people progress and get stronger. Annie loves to connect with people and learn about their goals and strives to not only provide her clients with an effective and personalized fitness regime, but also to truly get to know her clients individually.

Chris Stanley

Chris Stanley was introduced to Pilates through his dance training. While teaching for more than a decade, Chris continues to train with master trainers from around the world. He believes in the work and has seen it changes people’s lives.

Mike Klinger

Michael comes from a broad athletic background ranging from sprint/power based sports such as college football and Olympic weightlifting to endurance sports such as Ironman Triathlons and mountaineering/backpacking. Having gained the top certifications in the industry in strength training and Pilates along with his love of Yoga and CrossFit, he blends together training modalities to best suit his clients needs and wants. Whether your goal is to restore pain free movement, optimize athletic performance or look great on the beach, Michael is the guy with the knowledge and desire to help get you there.

Daniella Capitano

much of her life engaged in fitness and physical activity. Growing up she was involved in everything from soccer, to cheerleading, to competitive ice skating, which helped her gain a foundation of physical fitness and a good work ethic. In addition to teaching HIIT classes, she is also a personal trainer. She has a real passion for helping people achieve their best results and reach their full fitness potential. If you are looking to set goals, work hard and have fun while doing it, try one of her classes!

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