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The Oak Fitness Club Team

Aaron King

A New England native, Aaron has been passionate about fitness since age 5. After many years of participating in hockey, baseball, football, power lifting, and track & field, he went on to study sports medicine and exercise science at Bridgewater State University. Aaron has spent his entire life committed to learning how to train and improve the body. He’s worked with a variety of clients, including NCAA athletes, teams, injured people, avid fitness enthusiasts; even the everyday person who is just getting started with a fitness lifestyle! Simply put, Aaron loves working with people and hopes to inspire you to achieve more than you thought possible. 

Nikki Cox

Nikki’s life in fitness and movement has spanned over most of her life.  Growing up in North Carolina, she began studying dance at the age of 3.  After several prestigious internships with renowned dance companies, Nikki studied and graduated with a degree in Dance and minor in business at the University of North Carolina Greensboro under John Gamble as well as completing certifications in Ashtanga Yoga and Pilates.  Nikki moved to Los Angeles in 2001 to pursue a career in the movement arts where she quickly developed simultaneous careers performing with the world famous dance companies Diavolo, Tongue and Method Dance as well as becoming a highly sought after pilates Instructor, class Instructor and fitness pro.  In 2012 Nikki helped cofound Oak Fitness where she has grown to be an industry staple. 

Jon Brandi

Jon Brandi is a life changing fitness coaching professional and artist. As a certified personal trainer, yoga instructor and nutrition coach with over 15 years of experience, he is building bi-coastal communities of mindful, fit individuals. 

In studying yoga, mindfulness, various fitness modalities, nutrition, and applying his desire to live a fuller more vibrant life, he was able to transform his body, ignite his energy and break down the walls of anxiety and depression. Jon is committed to empowering individuals to boldly take ownership of their lives, master their health and cultivate peace. His certifications include- NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Coach Pn1, and Certified Yoga Instructor.

Danielle Dougherty

A Los Angeles native, Danielle Dougherty began studying dance at the age of 6. Danielle has competed across the United States at world famous competitions and conventions, earning numerous awards and scholarships for her talent. At age 16, Danielle had to endure hip surgery in order to continue dancing. This challenging obstacle demanded a full year of recovery before dance could become possible again. During that year, Danielle trained with a Pilates instructor to regain strength and mobility. She immediately fell in love with Pilates and was stunned by how quickly it advanced her recovery process. Once Danielle was back on her feet dancing again, she became signed with Los Angeles’s renowned dance agency, Go 2 Talent, and was accepted into the nationally ranked dance program at The University of Arizona on both an academic and dance scholarship. Here she accelerated her learning process to graduate one year early as magna cum laude with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance, a minor in Nutritional Sciences, and a Pilates certification. As a professional dancer, Danielle’s approach to Pilates stems from a deep understanding of movement and she truly believes that building balance, flexibility, and strength within the body is crucial to keep us healthy and thriving. She has a passion for helping her clients achieve their fitness goals and is dedicated to sharing the benefits of Pilates with others.

Farrah Kingston

Farrah’s journey into the Pilates World started eight years ago with a desire to improve her posture, elongate her muscles and strengthen her core. Not quite sure what to expect, she took her first class and instantly fell in love. After consistently taking classes, she saw not only a physical transformation but also a mental transformation within herself. This is when she knew Pilates was her passion and the perfect career choice. She knew she wanted to help others find their inner strength the same way she experienced through her education. Certified both classically and progressively through R & D Pilates and using the techniques of Joseph Pilates Contrology, Farrah’s goal as a pilates instructor is helping individuals to achieve their personal best.

Christian Blackburn

Christian’s fitness story began as a child, accompanying his mother to physical therapy after having torn her MCL. There he observed his mother in both her weakest moments and her strongest. She instilled in him a sense of what there is to be accomplished when the will finds a way. Christian credits his mother for his love of fitness and his desire to motivate and inspire others to reach the versions of themselves they want to be.

Since beginning his professional career in the health and wellness field, Christian has been fortunate to work alongside fitness professionals from all corners of the industry. He has trained alongside professional athletes, physical therapists, chiropractors, yogis, energy healers, and even a former US Women’s Muay Thai champion.  Christian has received certifications in personal training (NASM), nutrition (Precision Nutrition Level 1), and level 2 Reiki practitioner. His belief is that in order to make lasting changes in our lives, we must take a deep look at the road blocks that inhibit us and develop the tools to tear them down one by one.

Chris Stanley

Chris Stanley was introduced to Pilates through his dance training. While teaching for more than a decade, Chris continues to train with master trainers from around the world. He believes in the work and has seen it changes people’s lives.

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