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Private Lessons

the only limits are the ones you set

Why train at Oak?

The Oak Method

Using Pilates and fitness training, our unique philosophy of Working In versus Working Out promotes gains and recovery so that your body always looks good and feels great!

The Oak Standard

Our personal trainers and Pilates instructors are all certified and experienced fitness professions who offer 100% individualized programs for you!

The Oak Lifestyle

Everyone wants to look great. At Oak, we make you great. Our bodies can free us to live however we want. Training at Oak gets you there!

What is Working In
versus Working Out?

To truly change the body and continue to grow, one must do more than simply work out hard. We must also allow the body to heal. The body must be brought to balance by imposing challenge and recovery. We do this by combining Metabolic Training and Pilates. Oak will get you in the best shape of your life! You will Be Oak Fit!
Private Instruction
*Pilates and Training
*Excludes MT
1 Session
10 Session
20 Sessions
30 Sessions

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*Hi!  Once you choose your package we will reach out right away but you can also email us at fitnessconcierge@oakfitnessclub.com

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