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Oak Fitness Club’s mission is to empower people to change their lives through fitness. 

We specialize in providing results orientated workouts that create much more than the appearance of fitness but actual fitness.  We think fitness is a pain free state of athletic preparedness for any physical task required free of any chronic injury or disease. 

To accomplish this we offer Private Pilates and Pilates Classes.  We believe that by balancing Working In with Working Out that we can help you achieve the happiest most fit version of you!  With a high attention to detail, sound exercise principles and the cutting edge training methodology, we create fun and safe workouts that produce a real result.

Your journey begins with your personalized Fitness Evaluation.  Your evaluation will breakdown everything from your goals and your health history to the way you move.  From here we will prescribe a workout plan that works best for you!  Whether you choose Private Training, Pilates Classes or a DIY workout plan, we will get you started by putting you on the right path.

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Pilates Certification in Beverly Hills

Private Pilates™

OAKFIT-PilatesTM is a practical approach to the classical and contemporary Pilates repertoire.  Whether you are a novice or a pro, OAKFIT-Pilates is a perfect fit for you!

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1 SESSION – $35 per session
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20 SESSIONs – $25 per session
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