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For Trainers


Oak Fitness is a 5000 sqft beautiful fitness facility located in the heart of Beverly Hills. Best parking in the city!


Oak rents space to Private Trainers and Pilates Instructors who need a high-end environment for their clientele.


Oak offers the highest quality fitness environment for you and your clients.  Our facility is clean and well organized.  Our friendly staff is always available to help.  We limit the number of instructors at any one time to ensure that adequate space is always available.


Oak offers men’s and woman’s full service locker rooms that include day lockers, towels and a full assortment of amenities. Our fitness floor has a full assortment of selectorized machines, free weights, and cardio equipment with an open floor and outside patio for functional exercise.

The Pilates Studio is equipped with Balanced Body reformers, Cadillacs and trapeze tables as well as a full assortment of accoutrements and open floor for mat work.


1 session | $25
5 sessions | $24
10 sessions | $23
20 sessions | $22




1 session | $33
5 sessions | $32
10 sessions | $31
20 sessions | $30

Happy Hour

MON-FRI: 2-5pm
Sat: 11-2pm

Single | $15
Duet | $23
Trio | $35


Rental paid in advance
Non refundable non transferable
Insurance required
See terms and conditions in instructor agreement

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